I sent this yesterday, but it seems not to have gone
through--apologies if it's a duplicate.

I've never gotten around to setting up printing from           
my FreeBSD machine--the discussion in the Handbook is 
rather frightening--and now that I've decided I should
probably give it a try, I find that the Handbook doesn't            
even let me get started.

I have two situations for this computer (a laptop
running FreeBSD-4.8). I have a home network that
has an older (non-Ethernetted) HP LaserJet 6MP; this      
is attached to the network via an AsanteTalk AppleTalk-   
Ethernet bridge. The Macs on the network (OSX and 8.6)    
can all see the printer. What do I need to do to print    
to this printer from my FreeBSD machine when it's on
the network?

In the second case, I just have a desktop printer-- some HP
Deskjet color thing, the 990 I think--that only has a USB
connection. The Handbook doesn't mention USB printing at all.

In both cases I'm not looking to do anything fancy,
none of this user-accounting or header-pages stuff.
I just want to be able to send jobs to the printer
and have them come out. I guess I'd also be curious
how to select one or the other, or more if they were
added to the network. Thanks for any pointers on
how to accomplish this.

Jesse Sheidlower
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