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Subject: Re: Ideas To Save Failing System?

> "Drew Tomlinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Is there anything I can do to save this machine?  I'm afraid if I
power it
> > off, the disk will be corrupt and it probably won't boot.  I'd
really like
> > to make a backup and then replace the disk.  Any ideas?
> If you *don't* power it down, you should *still* be afraid that disk
> will be corrupt and it won't boot.

I was but wanted to get what I could.

> If it's networked, try backing up using that.

I thought about that too but no commands were working.

> It's possible that you'll have more success reading the disk if you
> take it out and put it in another machine (using a different drive
> cable, just to be sure), but not likely.

While I was trying various things, the power went out.  I thought I was
in trouble but fortunately the system came back up without error and
hasn't had an error since.  I have to wonder what might really be
corrupt but everything is working. I guess so far I got lucky!  :)



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