I just re-made my world to 4.9-PRERELEASE, using the instructions from the
Handbook, and everything appears to be working fine.

I do have one oddity, a number of messages that make it sound like named
cannot find the root name servers, e.g.:

Sep 18 15:09:25 ballista named[73]: sysquery: no addrs found for root NS

When I say "a number" of these, I mean on the order of 82471 entries, for
(all?) the root servers, A through M.

I don't believe I've ever had this problem before. My
/etc/namedb/named.root file has never been touched, appears to be
uncorrupted, and has the following version string:

$FreeBSD: src/etc/namedb/named.root,v 2002/11/06 09:24:12 dougb Exp $

Googling for the error message seems to indicate that it's not necessarily
a big issue, but given the number of log entries, I'd really like to
eliminate the problem. DNS resolution appears to be working fine, I just
want to keep my logs to a manageable size.


Michael A. Alderete
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