On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 07:33:48PM +0200, Guy Van Sanden (GVS) wrote:
GVS> I forgot to mention this, I did that first, than ran /bin/sh
GVS> /etc/rc.sendmail stop
GVS> Postfix appears to run, yet does not repsond...

A small list of things to check :)

1) Is the master process running ? 
2) Is the smtpd running ?
3) By default, since FBSD ships with sendmail and a sendmail aliases table is
not compatible with a postfix one, you aliases file will be unreadable by

To solve this, run a 'make replace' in the ports/mail/postfix dir, and after
that run a newaliases.

If at that point it still does not work, scan your /var/log/maillog for clues.
If that does not help, consider posting the relevant parts of the maillog
here, so we can have a look as well :)



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