David Bear wrote:

I need to write a program the grabs mail from a standard mail folder
and processes it.

The trouble is I have no idea what mail file format FreeBSD uses by
default. I am using postfix, and currently postfix is my mta and mda.
I will be adding procmail as the mda. I'm guessing procmail writes
the same kind of file the postfix does... but here I'm showing my

I will be using python as my language and there are modules for MH,
maildir, mbox, and mailbox...  Anyone have any recommended reading for
me to better understand what I need to do?

More than likely it's mbox format. Since you're running postfix Maildir has to be enabled in the config file by the entry home_mailbox=Maildir/. If you don't have that configured, you're using mbox formatted mailboxes.


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