I am trying to get dvdrip to run. This is the error message I get
"bash-2.05b$ dvdrip

You're using Perl 5.8.0 without PERLIO set to 'stdio'.
Most Perl 5.008 installations currently have a bug.
dvd::rip doesn't work with them if PERLIO isn't set.

I will set PERLIO=stdio for you and restart dvd::rip...

You can get rid of this messages, by setting PERLIO=stdio
in your ~/.profile, or whatever your shell uses."

I have added this line "PERLIO=stdio"

in my .login .cshrc and my .profile files
I usually get this in term $ 
then type bash to get bash-2.05b$
either way after typing dvdrip i get the same message.
Could someone please direct me to info about this.
p.s.-In the last 3 months I have used redhat, suse, gentoo & debian. Finally I 
tried FreeBSD 4.8- I love it so far though I have a lot to learn :-)

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