The google search system stopped archiving FBSD news groups at the
start of 2002, so google search is useless. The FBSD  org site has
an archives search which is very out of date and the format in which
the info is presented makes it next to useless.

This is the best FBSD newsgroup search engine I have found

Here is the guy who is running the site.  Vlad Shabanov

He has posted many times to the questions list telling readers about
his FBSD archive search engine.

Question.  Is the official FreeBSD Questions News Group search which is found
at the site ever going to be upgraded into something
more useful?  As it is now, it's so primitive, and so very
un-user-friendly.  Why are the posted messages displayed with their
complete headers?  Useless info for someone searching for answers to
their FBSD problems.

The  site is head and shoulders better
than what the site currently has.  Is there some way to
get the site to change to use this new site?

What other search engines are readers of the mailing list using?

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