Hey all.

This seems like a really dumb question to me, but I'm having such a rough
last two weeks that I'd rather be sure by sounding stupid, than by looking

What I'm doing is upgrading a machine to RELEASE_5_1 (to take care of the
recent arp problems) and I wasn't paying attention when I started cvsupping,
and accidentally started it cvsupping to HEAD instead.  I realized my
mistake halfway through and canceled it.  Then restarted it with the
proper "tag=RELENG_5_1"

Now, I'm looking at all the files that were checked out during the cvsup
to RELENG_5_1 and I'm a bit nervious.  I assume it's doing checkouts because
it's easier than doing reverse diffs? (or reverse diffs aren't even possible?)

While screwing this machine up wouldn't ruin my life, it would add
considerable time to what it would take to get it to where I wanted it (which
I can't really afford right now)

So, my question is: Can anyone say with confidence that this machine will
build a sane world/kernel for RELENG_5_1 after what I did?  If not, I'll
just wipe out /usr/src and install a fresh source and re-cvsup.
Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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