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>   you can. ]

> Anyway, I have the system installed now, got some ports and all, and
> wanted to check out RELENG_4_8 from a cvsup mirror to bring the system
> up to date, but it just won't work.  Sometimes it gets stuck updating
> src/UPDATING (to be sure, I erased it, and it manages to download it
> again), but that's as far as it goes.  cvsup(1) says that if I can reach
> the server's port 5999, I'm good to go.

Err, if it managed to download one file, it should be able to the rest,
too, at least AFAICS).

Maybe you should try a different cvsup mirror:


(at the end of the page there is a mirror list).

You could also use ports/sysutils/fastest_cvsup to find the most
responsive mirror for you.


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