On Fri, Sep 26, 2003, Tony A, Fields wrote:
>Thanks for the input Greg.
>Please note that I have looked at the output from ifconfig. Also note that 
>the driver recognizes that the DFE-530TX uses the RealTek 8139 chip.
>Any other suggestions on how to get the RealTek 8201BL chip to work?

As a paper weight, yes, as a NIC no.

I can't speak to these on FreeBSD, but they have a horrible reputation in
the Linux world, and I gave up on them quite a while ago (as I did non-DEC
Tulip cards).  The best source of inexpensive, reliable NICs I've found is
our local PC recycling store where I can get used 3COM 3C905 cards for
about $10US.  They work, and 3COM honors their lifetime warranty.

We're primarily using 3COM, Intel, and the on-board NICs on IBM's xSeries
machines now.

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