> I am beginner in FreeBSD.
> I had installed FreeBSD 5.1 Release, but I don't here sounds....
> I use Creative SBLive! sound card.
> It sound card work successfully in WindowsXP, but in FreeBSD....
> My friend sad that I must recompile system.... But I don't know how I can
> do it.
> Tell me please what I must do know?

I also have this sound card and have been using it successfully for some time 
now.  You need to do the following:

grog# cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/
grog# ee GENERIC

scroll all the way to the bottom and add this line:

device  pcm

hit ESC, A, A,


grog# config GENERIC
grog# cd ../compile/GENERIC
grog# make dep; make; make install; shutdown -r now

when it's all done, it will reboot the system and you should have sound!

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