I just installed FreeBSD 4.8.  The screen that asks for ip addresses and
server name required me to type in a server name of "some sort".  I put in
BSDSRVR1 as the name.  That screen was content with the answer, but each
time I start the computer SENDMAIL complains that the name is no good and
then "sleeps" two or three times before trying again.  It eventually
continues and boots ok.

I was adding a user and one of the prompts wanted to send an initial email
to the user.  I accepted the default yes.   SENDMAIL again complained about
the name I chose and went to sleep again for a minute.  I hit a key and was
able to continue.

This is an internal SAMBA server so I don't have a name of the style
www.xxxxxxx like I saw in the example.

What is it that it doesn't like?


Larry Nobs

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