--- Ian Dowse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> There is definitely one problem that stops you from using two
> identical USB ethernet devices, but I don't know if it's the only
> one: the "axe" driver uses a static (global) stucture for some
> per-interface data, so it clobbers this state with two interfaces.
> I had said to Bill Paul (cc'd) that I would suggest a patch to fix
> this, but I never managed to get my two USB ethernet interfaces in
> the same place at the same time to test them! Would you be able to
> try out the following patch to see if it helps? Just apply it in
> /usr/src and rebuild the kernel.

To follow up on this...

I tried Ian's changes to no avail.  I applied the patches and rebuilt
the kernel.  Upon rebooting with both netgear fa120 ethernet devices
attached (with the new axe driver), both devices are recognized, one
is configured and nothing works (i.e., in spite of the one device
being configured, it is dead).

Thanks for the help Ian.

I wonder if anyone else has any ideas.  Or, maybe I should head over
to the 'current' group and try there?


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