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1. I have a LAN behind a freebsd firewall.  The firewall is also doing
    nat, as my internal LAN is 192.168.1.*
2. I have dns running on my internal LAN using a dsn name that is
    registered by not used outside of our private LAN.
3. I have a freebsd (4-7 stable) machine running Apache and is
   used  to host our internal website and also as a test site for
   pre-release evaluation of our external website.

Our pre-release evaluation website has forms with email.   I need
to setup email on the apache freebsd server so the email links
work correctly and can be evaluated prior to uploading to the
external webserver.


Is there an easy way to accomplish this ?

There are several ways that I can think of, PHP, perl, or CGI scripts. If you use formmail, make sure it is the absolute latest version, all previous versions have security problems, and will make you an open relay for sure.

Headers will have to be valid or the external mail server will reject.

Any MTA will reject if the headers are not valid, or they should.

Should I install qmail and configure for this task or should I slog
through sendmail config ?

You can use any MTA, the scripts will call the sendmail wrapper, called sendmail if it is qmail, replacing the real sendmail wrapper, or you just could use Sendmail if that is what you are using currently..

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