> I have a freeBSD 4.5-Release server. I could not find any packages
> available for 4.5 version at freebsd ftp site. So i decided to
> upgrade it to FreeBSD 4.8-Release. Can i upgrade the server without
> any change in its current configuration.

Since you did not post your current configuration, it is difficult to
guess which services etc. you are running.

If you are thinking of applications from packages/ports, then everything
should be you fine with them, since they are not affected by an upgrade.

On the other hand, the step from 4.5 to 4.8 is quite large, so you
should keep good backup just in case anything gets messed.

There are also quite a lot of changes to the base system's configuration
files, should you should read /usr/src/UPDATING _very_ carefully and be
carefull at the mergemaster step (I am assuming you are planning a
source upgrade to RELENG_4_8, a.k.a security branch of FreeBSD 4.8).

If you want to do a binary update, I must admit that I have no
experience with that -- perhaps someone else can share his one with us.


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