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On Saturday,  4 October 2003 at  0:17:44 -0700, aarong wrote:
> I've successfully installed and converted a FreeBSD 4.8 install into a
> bootable Vinum volume many times; however mirroring that volume onto a
> second identical drive is proving difficult. Per Greg Lehey's
> instructions in chapter 12 of "The Complete FreeBSD 4th Edition", I've
> setup a bootable Vinum volume and then attempted to mirror it by
> creating a second Vinum config file, detailing the second drive and how
> the new volumes should be setup.
> This works fine, and Vinum will successfully complete mirroring the all
> the volumes, however fsck will fail everytime. Hence when rebooting,
> everything goes to hell and a hand basket. I can fsck the volumes
> before mirroring without a problem, it's only after Vinum completes
> mirroring the volumes that fsck complains.

I'd like to see the complaints.  This is why I ask for the information
in the man page or at http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/how-to-debug.html.

> disklabel da0s1:
> ...
> disklabel da1s1:

These look OK.

> /vinum.config:

I specifically ask not to send this.  I can't see anything wrong in it.

> vinum create /vinum.config
> vinum start root.p1
> vinum start var.p1
> vinum start swap.p1
> vinum start usr.p1

That looks OK.

> Obviously I'm missing a vital step here but I'm completely at a loss
> as to what it may be.

Send the information I ask for and I might find it.

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