On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 12:46:12PM -0800, Noah wrote:
> FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE machine
> okay I just built sendmail-sasl version 8.12.10 from
> /usr/ports/mail/sendmail-sasl but my system is complaining that SASL support
> is required. what am I doing wrong.  why isnt SASL support being recognized?
> sasl2 'PORTVERSION=    2.1.15' is in /usr/ports
> --- make stop && make start from /etc/mail ---
> # make start                                          [/etc/mail]
> Starting: sendmailWarning: Option: AuthMechanisms requires SASL support (-DSASL)
> Warning: Option: AuthOptions requires SASL support (-DSASL)
>  sendmail-clientmqueue.
> --- snip ----

Hmmm... Sounds like you're trying to start up the sendmail from the
base system but using the .mc/.cf files with all of the SASL stuff in

Check the contents of /etc/mail/mailer.conf -- make sure you're
starting up the port version of sendmail, which will be

Either that, or ditch the ports version of sendmail, and add the
following to your /etc/make.conf:

    SENDMAIL_CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include -DSASL=2

plus install the the security/cyrus-sasl2 port.  (Read the comments in
/etc/make.conf if you prefer to use SASLv1 -- setup is almost
identical) That will build you a SASL enabled sendmail from the base

for details of setting up the base system with SASL-ized sendmail
using SASLv1.  Same instructions work for SASLv2 if you make the
obvious substitutions.



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