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>Hi Bryan,
>On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, 6:22:45 AM, you wrote:
>B> I want to know is there a way to wrap the text in vi? In emacs you can
>B> just hit Esc+q and it will wrap the text. How about vi?

>I don't know any in VI, but if you install the VIM package, to wrap text,
>you can just hit esc gqip and it is done..

Adding ``set wm=15'' to your ~/.exrc or ~.vimrc file will cause vi or vim
to automatically wrap margins 15 characters to the left of the right
margin.  ``set wm=0'' turns off automatic wrapping.  Another one I use a
lot in my ~.vimrc file is ``map <F5> {!}fmt'' which rewraps the current
paragraph the cursor is in when I press the F5 key.  This maps the key
sequence ``{!}fmt'' to the F5 key ``{'' top of paragraph, ``!'' execute
command ``}'' to bottom of paragraph, ``fmt'' the command to execute.

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