What about the master slave pins on the drives, are they set right? Also the cable is in correctly right? What are the bios settings?

Stephen Cravey wrote:

I've just cobbled together a new machine and purchased a LITE-ON
LTR-52327S CD-RW for it. FreeBSD, however, seems unable to detect the
drive. On boot, there is no acd device shown at all, however I do get an
ACPI error. (dmesg will follow)

I can boot from the 5.1-R install CD with no problem, however when I
select cd/dvd as the install media, it claims that there is no dvd/cd
drive found!?!?!. I also get a 'drive full error usually when i boot from
CD and install from FTP as soon as the data starts writing to the hard
drive. The fdisk and newfs stages seem to complete normally prior to
this. I ended up installing from floppy.

The seagate is the master and the lite-on is the slave on the primary bus.
I'm using a new ata 66/100/133 cable. I plan to get a second ata cable
this afternoon and try to put them on seperate busses, however i'm not
sure that's the problem. Any suggestions on what I should look for or
what might be wrong? Anything goes.

Thank you.


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