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My terminology is all wrong. Just want to do a system restore.

Have two 200GB disks using vinum mirroring for vinum volumes: /, /usr, /usr/local, /usr/ports, /usr/home, /var, and /tmp.
Have one standalone 100GB backup disk.

Did a restore before, but messed everything up and ended up reinstalling + redoing vinum setup. Don't want to do that again, so figured best to ask and make sure to use the correct restore process.

Should anything special be done during a full restore since volumes are mirrored vinum volumes?
I have complete dump images of the following vinum volumes : /, /usr, /usr/local, /usr/ports, /usr/home, /var.

Was wondering if I should take primary drive down and boot from secondary drive into single user mode. Then mount the primary drive and restore the volumes to the primary drive. Then bring primary drive back up and reboot normally and run from primary drive.

Pretty lame questions, but just didn't want to take a chance on this. Takes too much time for a newbie to set up machine up all over.

Thanks again for any tips,

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