Hi all,

I upgraded my freebsd 5.1 ports tree, so I can install gnome 2.4. When everything was 
I tried running as root gdm, I got the following error:

gdm_cleanup_children: Slave crashed, killing its children. 

This happens when X is about to start the login screen, flickers and drops to a shell 
and gives 
this error. This happens for 8 times, then this remark:

The display server has been shut down about 6 times in the last 90 seconds, it is 
likely that 
something bad is going on. I will wait for 2 minutes before trying to login again on 
display :0.

I also patched the following


By default, I setup the system to run wmaker, so if I type startx, I can get in no 

Thank you

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