On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 03:13:41PM +0200, Mark Hummel wrote:
> I suppose the first question should be, is the subject combination even
> possible to configure because so far I don't think it is?
Why would it be impossible? I'm running FreeBSD 4.x with KDE and an 
nvidia Ti4200 card, although I don't know my AGP speed for sure (I 
think it's 4x). Runs fine, both with XFree86's nv driver and nvidia's 
driver, compiled from ports. I find that the nv driver is more stable
in general, but the nvidia driver is needed for playing 3D accelerated 
games, the reason I bought this card. It crashes the machine occasionally,
but I'm happy with the performance. 

Be sure to read the docs/readme that come with the nvidia driver,
there are several issues (AGP driver for instance).

> I've read the problems users have had with the default (canned) nv
> driver so
> expecting it not to work I did a XF86Config and sure enough, it didn't
> with my video card. (EE) no driver available. I then installed the
> driver from nVIDIA for my Ti4200.
Post the lines with (EE), they might give a clue why it's not working.

> BTW is anyone aware that when a user invokes the XWindow Developer, the
> kernel sources are supposed to be installed, but are not? Just an
> observation.
What is XWindow Developer?? 

> The nVIDIA drivers didn't work any better and gave a similar
> unrecoverable
> X-Windows error.   If anyone has been able to get a nvidia Ti4200
> working (X-windows), I'd really like to see your config files and know
> what drivers you're using and where you got them from.
I could send it to you (when I'm home since there is the PC with nvidia
card), but if you don't know why your setup doesn't work this won't help 
you much I'm afraid. (My guess is that the error has nothing to do with
the driver itself, therefore it gives a similar error in both cases.)

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