I suppose the first question should be, is the subject combination even
possible to configure because so far I don't think it is?

I've read the problems users have had with the default (canned) nv
driver so
expecting it not to work I did a XF86Config and sure enough, it didn't
with my video card. (EE) no driver available. I then installed the
driver from nVIDIA for my Ti4200.

BTW is anyone aware that when a user invokes the XWindow Developer, the
kernel sources are supposed to be installed, but are not? Just an

The nVIDIA drivers didn't work any better and gave a similar
X-Windows error.   If anyone has been able to get a nvidia Ti4200
working (X-windows), I'd really like to see your config files and know
what drivers you're using and where you got them from.

Apparently SciTech is working on a version of Snap Graphics for
FreeBSD.  From my OS/2 experience I know that Snap Graphics is going to
wonderful for the FreeBSD community, but in the mean time, I'd really
need to get the above
combination working.  Please help. 


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