ivan georgiev writes:

>  I tried three times to compile openoffice-devel (I use 5-1p10) and it 
>  always fails when compiling mozilla - on different places and always 
>  with a core dump. I saw some messages that people are happy with it 
>  (therefore it must be compileable). Do I have to do something special 
>  besaides the 
>  "portinstall  /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-devel" which I use?

        Mune breaks also, but at a different place.
        Actually, in some ways it's the same place.  OO wants Mozilla,
which wants JDK14,  JDK14 is broken; my last response on the compile

===>  Building for jdk-1.4.1p3_3
# Start of jdk build
bsd i586 1.4.1-p3 build started: 03-10-09 19:08

        It's been running since then using 66% of a P4-2.2g.

        By the way, who do I excalate to when the maintainer doesn't
answer e-mail? I've sent two messages to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and
had no response.

                                Robert Huff

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