Here is my situation:

I have about 200 gigs of data to back up every night on multiple machines on
the network.  All are either FreeBSD or Linux based.  My backup machine is
FreeBSD.  I have about 30 gigs of dump drive space, and a 20 gig tape drive.
I am pretty much convinced that even if I use compression, I will need to
span across multiple tapes or get a bigger tape drive.  At the very least I
may have to get more dump drive and do incremental backups.  At any rate, I
am having a hard time deciding between Amanda and Bacula.  Amanda has been
around forever and is known to work, but to the best of my knowledge doesn't
span across multiple tapes.  Bacula, on the other hand, does span across
multiple tapes, but it hasn't been out as long.

Is this a choice of personal preference, or does one actually work better
than the other in my scenario?


Rick Duvall
Online Highways
System Administrator
(541) 997-8401 x 111

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