In the last episode (Oct 14), Kirk Strauser said:
> At 2003-10-14T18:24:10Z, Mike Hogsett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > That can work, but I dont like using tar in place of dump.
> Various sources recommend using tar instead of dump on live
> filesystems. The essence of the argument is that dump writes the
> filelist at the beginning of the backup, then writes the file
> contents.  Tar writes a filename, then the contents, then another
> filename, then that file's contents, etc.  If the filesystem is
> inactive then this is a non-issue.  If it's quite active, though
> (like /var, /home), then tar's system may lead to more consistent
> backups.

If you're running 5.x, you can use dump -L, which will snapshot the
filesystem and back that up.

        Dan Nelson
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