I (finally) have my FBSD 4.8-REL internet gateway running, and have
replaced my old Netgear router with the new machine. Everything works
except for dynamic DNS updates. In fact, my Cisco ATA actually works
BETTER through the new router :)

I have found several dynDNS updater programs, but they all seem to get
the new IP info from a hardware router's web interface (which I no
longer have). Given that the router is now a *nix box, it would seem
reasonable that this could be simplified. However, I noted on the
dynDNS.org website that they discourage users from simply running
scripts from the dhcp exit script.

How is everyone else updating their dynamic DNS entries from a FreeBSD
based gateway router?

BTW - I'm using isc-dhcp3-3.0.1.r11_1 from the ports tree.

Seth Henry

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