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"J. Seth Henry" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello,
> I (finally) have my FBSD 4.8-REL internet gateway running, and have
> replaced my old Netgear router with the new machine. Everything works
> except for dynamic DNS updates. In fact, my Cisco ATA actually works
> BETTER through the new router :)
> I have found several dynDNS updater programs, but they all seem to get
> the new IP info from a hardware router's web interface (which I no
> longer have). Given that the router is now a *nix box, it would seem
> reasonable that this could be simplified. However, I noted on the
> dynDNS.org website that they discourage users from simply running
> scripts from the dhcp exit script.
> How is everyone else updating their dynamic DNS entries from a FreeBSD
> based gateway router?

Hi Seth,

I use ipcheck.py.  It checks the output of 'ifconfig' to see if the
public IP address has changed.  I run it periodically from a cron
script.  It was a little painful to set up (entirely my own fault), but
now that it's working it's essentially hassle-free.  It handles both
Dynamic DNS and Static DNS.  Last I checked it was listed on
www.dyndns.org and had a fairly high user-satisfaction score.

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