5.1R is not really meant for production. You should have stuck with RELENG_4. You could trying checking out all the source related to this driver via cvs, but I know especially in 5.x there have been a LOT of changes.


At 02:59 PM 15/10/2003, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
I understand what you are saying Mike,

But here is the issue:

I built a 5.1-RELEASE box and cvsuped it to -p10. After reboot I am getting
a flood of "bge0 : gigabit link up" messages. I am on version 1.41 of the
driver ... the latest cvs submission was 1.55. A newsgroup posting
suggested that I need the latest code to make this issue go away.

I do not want to go to -CURRENT because this will be a production box.

So what am I supposed to do ?

Help appreciated :),

Original Message: ----------------- From: Mike Tancsa [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:26:15 -0400 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: cvsupdate only bge driver

Unless you really know what you are doing (in that case you would not need
to ask this question) it is HIGHLY recommended NOT to do this.  The bge
driver in its latest form could depend on other parts of the kernel that
would also need to be updated.  You really should cvsup everything, not


At 01:19 PM 15/10/2003, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>Hi all,
>I want to update only the bge driver to its latest source via cvsup and
>then compile it into the kernel.
>Can someone guide me about what steps I need to take ?
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