I'm trying to use procmail to feed incoming mail to SpamAssassin and then
forward the email to another address for one of my accounts.  Because I use
Postfix with Maildir, my /usr/local/etc/procmailrc file contains:


so that messages that don't match any rule get delivered to the normal

But for one person, I want to have all his mail scanned by SpamAssassin and
then forwarded to a non-local email address.  Here is his ~/.procmailrc

# Forward all mail to SpamAssassin
:0 fw
| /usr/local/bin/spamc

:0 fw

The forwarding works but then procmail goes on to deliver a blank email in

blacklamb# ll Maildir/new
total 0
-rw-------  1 user  user  0 Oct 15 11:30
-rw-------  1 user  user  0 Oct 15 11:33

I assume this is because of the "DEFAULT" setting in the site-wide
procmailrc.  However, it is my understanding that since all mail matches the
second rule, mail processing should stop at that point and nothing should be
delivered to "DEFAULT".

What am I missing?



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