I got an ATEN USB to serial connector; installed and working 
as ucom0.  Plugged a serial modem and able to communicate 
via tip.

However, when I try to use ppp, I get this error message:

"unable to set physical to speed 0"

I read the ppp man pages but couldn't find anything about 
'set physical' and 'set speed' to whatever doesn't seem to 
work either.

Any idea what I should do so I can use ppp on the modem?

BTW, I'm using FreeBSD 5.1-Release and yes, the modem does 
work on a regular serial port.  So why not just use the 
serial port?  Well, the 2 serial ports are already 
occupied.  This USB option is my last ... unless I get one 
of those internal ltmdm thingys .... suggestions?



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