On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:11:40 +0100, in local.freebsd.questions you

>> I would use mpd but it has problems with XP clients.
>What type of problems are you seeing with MPD (Netgraph variety) and
>That's my VPN terminator software and all of my remote XP systems seem
>have no problems with it.

Interesting. What I see is on the XP box, the connectoid which shows
the packet counters shows lots of receive errors. If I (for example)
make an ftp connection to a machine on the protected network, it is
OK but if I do a dir then it hangs and takes maybe 30 seconds to list
a dozen files.

I'm not alone, other people on the mpd-users mailing list have the
same problems. My gut-feel tells me it is something to do with 
fragmentation but I don't know how to make XP tell me what the errors

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