It's really pretty easy.  I beat my head on the wall about a year ago, so I
don't recall where all the docs are, but this is what my configs look like:
 set timeout 0
 set dial
 set login
 set ifaddr {IP address of internal interface} {IP address range -}
 set server /var/run/pptp_ppp_%d "" 0700
 enable mschapv2 mppe          # <--- these two lines enable encryption
 set mppe * *                        #<---
 enable chap
 disable pap
 disable utmp
 disable passwdauth
 enable proxy
 accept dns
 set dns 192.168.x.x
 set nbns 192.168.x.x

option /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
localip {IP address of internal interface}
remoteip {IP address range}
pidfile /var/run/

You'll have to use the ppp.secret password file or a radius server (that's a
whole other story).  Other than that, this works like a champ, and is
encrypted.   Just for a point of clarification, omit the {}  I added those
for readability.

Hope that helps.


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