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> I'm hacking at a piece of code that I want to turn into a port. It's from
> Linux and uses libpci and some other 'strange' functions. 
> While I think that I've managed to modify the libpci port to install the
> required lib, I'm more or less lost at getopt_long() which I 
> assume is in the libgnugetopt port. However, for some reason, even if I
> include it explicitly (#include "/usr/local/include/getopt.h"), I 
> run into problems. Please note that I'm not a programmer at all, so it's
> very much hacking along, so I may look for someone patient 
> to bear with me ;-) But I am willing to learn. 

    AFAICT you need to tell the compiler about the library. The rule in
    your Makefile needs to have "-L /usr/local/lib -lgnugetopt".

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