> > # [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-10-19 01:59:45 +0200: 
> > > I'm hacking at a piece of code that I want to turn into a port. It's
> > > Linux and uses libpci and some other 'strange' functions.  
> > > While I think that I've managed to modify the libpci port to install
> > > required lib, I'm more or less lost at getopt_long() which I  
> > > assume is in the libgnugetopt port. However, for some reason, even if
> > > include it explicitly (#include "/usr/local/include/getopt.h"), I  
> > > run into problems. Please note that I'm not a programmer at all, so
> > > very much hacking along, so I may look for someone patient  
> > > to bear with me ;-) But I am willing to learn.  
> >  
> >     AFAICT you need to tell the compiler about the library. The rule in 
> >     your Makefile needs to have "-L /usr/local/lib -lgnugetopt". 
Thanks for that, Roman, I did so and got some sort of binary to play with.
For a port, however, I think I must 
dig in deeper, or rather climb higher for that matter -- autoconf & co. are
used for making the makefiles, so I 
probably must fix it there somewhere there. If it was for plain makefiles, I
might not have the problems I see, 
but this is something entirely new for me ;-) 
> The best way is to set USE_GETOPT_LONG=yes in your port Makefile. 
> # USE_GETOPT_LONG - Says that the port uses getopt_long. If OSVERSION 
> #                   less than 500041, automatically adds devel/libgnugeopt

> #                   to LIB_DEPENDS, and pass adjusted values of  
> #                   CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS in CONFIGURE_ENV. 
> #                   Default: not set. 
Thanks, Dan, I'm not that far yet. As I said above, I'm still trying to
understand what is required by nvtv in 
the first place. There still seem to be bugs in there, at least with my
card. I have contact with the author who 
is willing to help as long as I can build and test. Which I sort of achieved
now with your help and the of a 
friend. Anyways, as I must have overread that comment in bsd.ports.mk,
thanks for the pointer. 
In any case, if it makes to be a port, I'll proceed as suggested. 
So, thanks for the help and watch ports@ if it ever makes it there ;-)==) 
All the best, 
Btw, iopl() and ioperm() I currently simply get around by uncommenting them.
Which probably makes those 
sections unuseable for the cards covered there, so I would not mind a hint
for these by any other reader ;-) 

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