On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 06:30, CBuH wrote:
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> Hi, Questionaries!! :-)
> Need help:
> I have two Os-es on one PC: Win & FreeBSD,
> in Win picture at resolution 1280x1024 is placed (by my hand's configure) in 
> proper position (I mean each corner on my CRT monitor). Then -- in FreeBSD I 
> see that in such resolution (and this configuration of monitor) the picture 
> has moved to the right... I'm in doubghts what I _can_ do to solve this 
> problem -- Is there any config tool to ``move'' the picture on the monitor?

Try using 'xvidtune'

I used it to shift and resize the screen, wrote down the sync start and
end values and edited the modeline entry in XF86Config (I couldn't
figure out if xvidtune could update the config file itself).

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