On Monday, 20 October 2003 at  0:30:13 +0400, CBuH wrote:
> I have two Os-es on one PC: Win & FreeBSD,
> in Win picture at resolution 1280x1024 is placed (by my hand's configure) in
> proper position (I mean each corner on my CRT monitor). Then -- in FreeBSD I
> see that in such resolution (and this configuration of monitor) the picture
> has moved to the right... I'm in doubghts what I _can_ do to solve this
> problem -- Is there any config tool to ``move'' the picture on the monitor?

First, of course, this is a relative question.  You can use your
monitor controls to position FreeBSD correctly, and then it will be
the Microsoft image which is wrong :-)

You can tune your X image with xvidtune.  Once you have the results,
you should feed the resultant mode line back into your XF86Config

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