1. Make world..... is it really necessary to follow this step?

21.4.2 Check /etc/make.conf

Examine the files /etc/defaults/make.conf and /etc/make.conf. The first
contains some default defines - most of which are commented out. To make
use of them when you rebuild your system from source, add them to
/etc/make.conf. Keep in mind that anything you add to /etc/make.conf is
also used every time you run make, so it is a good idea to set them to
something sensible for your system.

A typical user will probably want to copy the CFLAGS and NOPROFILE lines
found in /etc/defaults/make.conf to /etc/make.conf and uncomment them.

Examine the other definitions (COPTFLAGS, NOPORTDOCS and so on) and
decide if they are relevant to you.

I mean if i installed 5.1 and was upgrading to 5-current would i really
need to alter this, i would think the one from the orig. 5.1 install
would be OK. The reason i ask is because i did this per. the instructions
and uncommented these lines and the one for athlon-xp processors ...which
i have but i am experiencing some compiler issues with some ,not all,
apps during the make or gmake proccess such as segmentation fault errors.

2. If i update my src and ports via cvs, run make world and then install
the binaries does this affect currently installed apps?

for ex. if i have the newest version of xmms etc.. installed and then
rebuild my system does xmms get replaced with the version from the ports
or src. I have some apps i have compiled my self from the authors src..
and the version is not always the same as that of the freebsd cvs src. I
don't want to have my ver. 3.3.1 of xmms replaced by 2.9.1 when i
rebuild. "versions used as ex."

3. rebuilding the kernel.  The handbook shows how to go into single user
mode to run make world which works very well for me as the speed gained
is a great increase. Is it ok to compile the kernel in this mode to or
does the system need to be in multi-user mode? If its ok i think i would
compile all my src from now on in single user mode if this is acceptable.
Also is it ok to compile the kernel and other src with the -j4 option on
a single proc. machine or is this only for buildworld?

Thanks and have a good night.


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