Hello all and thank you in advance...first off I am
still a bit of a
newbie with FreeBSD (and *NIX in general) but am
learning more every
day = ) I hope I got this on the correct list but feel
free to point
me in the right direction if I did not

OK...here's the problem. I have an A7N8X board
(deluxe) and am trying
to use the nvidia driver with my GeForceFX. I've
installed 5.1-Release
(I tries 4.8 too but the 5.1 just seemed to flow
better with me) and
have ACPI turned off in my BIOS and in FBSD. However
no matter what I
do all I seem to be able to get when I start up X is
the nvidia logo.
I lose all keyboard function and thus have to do a
hard reboot. I have
been working on this particular little problem for a
number of weeks
now to no avail. I have searched any relevant docs I
could find
(nvidia, handbook,XFree86 site, nforce2 site) to no
avail. I have
googles so much I have trouble remembering which
keyword combination I
used to get to a particular page. Basically I am
clueless on what to
try next. I have tried make setup with the
in the kernel, tried the WITH_FREEBSD_AGP with it not
in the kernel
but as a module, I have tried with no agp in kernel or
agp.ko and
using the cards AGPGART. I have even tried
combinations between them.
I have compiled and recompiled with optimizations
CHFLAGS= -o -pipe) and without but nothing seems to

The only errors I am getting in my XFree86.0.log is a
couple of
warnings about some resolution I don't use anyway not
working with my
monitor and of course it not being able to verify AGP
usage when I am
using freebsd's agpgart. Other than that everything
looks peachy keen.
Everything works fine with "nv"

Looking back I probably would not have gotten such a
chipset if I had known I was going to be giving up
windows and moving
to something a little more fun = )...btw besides the
whole video
driver thing I am loving this OS.

oh yeah....if you need me to post my dmesg or config
file or log or
anything just let me know

= )
Don Whitteker

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