Hey all.  I'm sure this has been asked a few times, but I've not found
the answer to my specific question regarding Oracle on FreeBSD.

Here goes:  I don't need to run the Oracle server on FreeBSD, so I'm
not above simply copying in the headers and libraries by hand.  So the
installation procedure is NOT necessary.  The handbook and FAQ do not
discuss actually *linking* linux specific libraries.

Here's the real question:  Is anyone out there linking CLIENT
applications that successfully connect to a separate Oracle server?

If this can be done easily enough, then I may be porting a very high
volume network application (500+ HTTP transactions/sec on a base
Netra running Solaris8) to FreeBSD 5.x.  The problem is that I am
inextricably tied to Oracle.

If anyone has had any experience in this area, I'd certainly
appreciate some pointers.  I'd also appreciate knowing if anyone has
actually built an Oracle client on Linux and run it on FreeBSD.

And no, I don't believe Linux is being considered as an actual runtime
platform option.

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