Hi All

Thank You very much to C Ulrich and Sergey 'Double F' Zaharchen for your
help with my GTK problem. Unfortunately I think that  C Ulrich is right in
that I will have to install again from scratch. Unfortunately reinstalling
GTK, gettext etc. has not helped. Ohh well, practice make perfect, and
Sergey, you have started something now, what on earth does 'In the words of
M. Bulghakov, "Annushkauzhe razlila maslo..."' mean ? Thank you both so much
for using terms I can understand, and although it seems I cannot repair the
problem, I have learnt a valuable lesson, and picked up a couple of tips
along the way :) I definitely do intend to read a great deal more about
FreeBSD, I just have trouble finding time (work 60+ hours a week, new Dad
etc.) so I guess I will just take a little longer than some :) But I'll get
there !!

Thanks Again
Andrew Kozak
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