Hi All,
I am new to this list and new to freeBSD.  I run a Mandrake 9.1 server and
wish to convert to FreeBSD.  Here are 2 questions that I have.

A) I have reinstall freeBSD many times over and over.  I work with W2k
machine at work and do a Unattended install when I don't want to select
the same options over and over again on multiple machines.  Is there a way
I can create a install Config file to select all my options for me?  Is
there a way I can take a snapshot of the way the OS is currently
configured and make a Install Config File?  Maybe something that will auto
set my TimeZone, Partition / Slice sizes, just to get the Base OS
installed without any ports (except for maybe Lynx Text Web Browser)

B) after installing Various ports on the system, do I have to do a Make
Clean after each install or can I run Make Clean after installing all of
my required Ports?

Just as FYI I am running FreeBSD 5.1, I have downloaded and Burned the 2
ISO's (Full Install and Repair / Fix It) I run the install from the cd,
then I choose to NOT install the ports, download the 19.x meg file from
FreeBSD.org/ports and un Tar it into the /usr folder.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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