When in doubt, check for updates...

After about twenty hours of messing with this, I decided to check for an
update.  I was running 5.0; downloaded 5.1: Viola!  Everything is good.  I
was sure that the problem was in FreeBSD and I guess it was.

Thanks for the reply.

On 10/20/03 7:03 AM, "Lowell Gilbert"

> Heath Volmer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The problem: My PCMCIA network interface (Linksys PCM100) doesn't seems to
>> work - SORT OF.  This is odd.  I can get online okay, use Mozilla to browse
>> the web, but when I fire up sshd or apache or any other kind of server they
>> don't seem to be accessible from the machines sitting right next to it on
>> the desk.
>> The BSD machine is @, have a mac @ .2, XP @ .4.
>> Subnets are fine.
>> I can't ssh, telnet, ftp or even ping!! .3 from .2 or .4.
>> When I ping FROM .3 to any another, I get some strange dup responses.  This
>> only happens on this machine.
>> I CAN ping to .3 from .3.  This makes sense.
>> Have tried direct x-over cable connection between machines.  No good.
>> Have removed card and installed in XP machine.  Good.
>> Have reinstalled FBSD.  No luck.
>> In order to confirm that the machine is okay, I reloaded win2K clean over
>> the BSD.  Good!
>> The PCM100 is listed in the pccard.conf file (I think that's it's name.)  I
>> do not see any reference to it in dmesg.
>> I swear this worked at one point.  Any suggestions?
> This sounds like some sort of cabling problem (at least from the
> router's point of view).  What does the physical topology (connections
> between machines/routers/bridges) look like?

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