On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 05:27:42AM -0700, Dinesh Nadarajah wrote:
> I would like to know where pkg_add keeps its configuration file? I mean
> when I execute the command 'pkg_add -r bzip2' how does it know that it
> needs to fetch it from ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/...../packages-4-stable/
> as opposed to packages-4-current?

There isn't any configuration file.  pkg_add determines the directory
name to be used from the version of FreeBSD that is is running under.

> Also, along the same note, I searched through the handbook but could
> not find any information on how to convert a 4-STABLE to a 4-CURRENT. I
> want to only use CURRENT software not update my kernel to CURRENT. Is
> this possible?

Since 4-STABLE is newer than 4-CURRENT, I don't see why you would want
to do that.
4-CURRENT was the name used to refer to the development branch of
FreeBSD after the 3.x branch had been created and before 4.0-RELEASE
had been made.  After 4.0-RELEASE had been made the development branch
was called 5-CURRENT.
4-STABLE is the branch that all the 4.x releases come from.

> If pkg_add -r is provided a URL to a CURRENT directory, would it fetch
> all dependencies from the same directory or would it revert to its
> configured URL to fetch the dependencies?
> Thanks in advance.

If you want to override where pkg_add fetches packages from you can set
the PACKAGEROOT and PACKAGESITE environment variables to appropriate
values as described in the pkg_add(1) manpage.

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