The reason I am asking all these questions is that I am exploring the
possibility of of writing an apt-get like application for FreeBSD (call
it apt-pkg). Apt-get was written to help out dpkg in Debian. pkg_add
has a lot more features than dpkg but not the update/upgrade features
of apt-get. So pkg_add simply requires an 'aide' applcation that simply
provides pkg_add information on what to install - kind of a gentler
user interface for pkg_add. 

anyone aware of such a project. Do not want to reinvent the wheel here.
But having used debian for some time, I have come to appreciate the
appeal this has for ne users and users who simply want to install

Thanks for the rseponses.


PS: I am thinking of writing it in Python. Good/Bad????

--- Matthew Seaman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 05:27:42AM -0700, Dinesh Nadarajah wrote:
> > I would like to know where pkg_add keeps its configuration file? I
> mean
> > when I execute the command 'pkg_add -r bzip2' how does it know that
> it
> > needs to fetch it from
> > as opposed to packages-4-current?
> pkg_add works out the path it looks for on the FTP servers from the
> system version number -- there isn't a specific configuration file
> for
> it.  You can override the defaults by setting various environment
> variables: PACKAGEROOT, PACKAGESITE as described in the pkg_add(1)
> man
> page.
> If you're interested in exactly how pkg_add works out what URL to
> use,
> look at the definition of the 'releases' array near the top of
> /usr/src/usr.sbin/pkg_install/add/main.c Hmmm... I do believe I can
> see what might be a bijou little buglette there.  Seems that there's
> no mention of packages-4.8-release or the impending
> packages-4.9-release.  (Checks cvsweb...)  Hmmm... Looks like only
> RELENG_4_8 branch gets an indication of where the 4.8-RELEASE
> packages
> are.  Makes a certain kind of sense.
> > Also, along the same note, I searched through the handbook but
> could
> > not find any information on how to convert a 4-STABLE to a
> > want to only use CURRENT software not update my kernel to CURRENT.
> Is
> > this possible?
> Firstly, there's no such thing as 4-CURRENT and there hasn't been for
> several years.  Your choices at the moment (other than one of the
> -RELEASE branches) are 4-STABLE or 5-CURRENT.  Similarly, there is no
> 5-STABLE just yet: the omens are that it may appear alongside 5.3
> release.  This is documented in
> and
> Using 5-CURRENT is not recommended unless you are of FreeBSD
> developer
> calibre, as it is the bleeding edge and you will need quite a lot of
> code-fu to be able to deal with the fine messes it can get you into.
> You seem to be on 4-STABLE already -- unless you have a pressing
> reason, like you have hardware only supported in 5.x or insatiable
> curiosity, then I'd stick with that.  If you must run a 5.x version
> go
> with 5.1-RELEASE which is the best and most recent 5.x code right
> now.
> As for upgrading from 4.x-STABLE to 5.x-RELEASE: this can be done by
> compiling the 5.x sources under 4.x, but it is by no means a trivial
> task, and there are various new features (like UFS2 filesystems) that
> you won't be able to take advantage of without extreme pain.  Take a
> look at the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING (see
> for details from the UPDATING file for 5.1-RELEASE -- the bit you
> want
> is pretty much right at the end of the file) On the whole, you may
> find it more productive to cut yourself some 5.1 Installation media,
> wipe your present system and do a fresh install.
> > If pkg_add -r is provided a URL to a CURRENT directory, would it
> fetch
> > all dependencies from the same directory or would it revert to its
> > configured URL to fetch the dependencies?
> From reading the source code, I believe that the first option will be
> the case, unless you set PKG_ADD_BASE in the environment.  But I
> could
> be wrong.  Trying a combination of the '-n' and -v' flags to pkg_add
> should let you confirm your suppositions without screwing up your
> system.
>       Cheers,
>       Matthew
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