So, my understanding of the bsdlabel process seemed correct:
1) modify swap partition size to be 281 less than what sysinstall created the partition as
2) have the swap offset at 281 instead of 0
3) add vinum partition set to the size of "c" minus 16
4) have vinum partition offset at 16

I might have misunderstood the vinum subdisks settings in the vinum configuration file though. I thought the process was:
1) Each vinum subdisks uses the size of the partition it will be taking over from
2) The subdisk offset is = (partition offset - 16)

Should the subdisk offset be equal to the partition offset?

Again, this is in respect to FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE with mirrored vinum boot disks.

Are there known major bugs related to the 5.1 RELEASE as well?

Thanks for your help,

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

On Sunday, 19 October 2003 at 0:42:38 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


Sanity check whether the mirrored vinum root drive is setup correctly.
Going to setup two more machines the same way, so wanted to make sure the
reference machine was setup correctly.

Was surprised to see that the vinum dumpconfig shows the offset for the
swap partition to be 265. Remember vaguely that it was supposed to be 281.
Do I have a misconfigured machine? The bsdlabel reports the offset to be
281. The vinum.conf used driveoffset of 265s for swap - would think it
should have been 281s.

The machine works, but have had a couple of unexplained reboots. The
mirrored drives are ad4s1 and ad8s1.

Vinum uses the first 265 sectors on a drive for configuration
information. That has never changed. It leaves the first 7 sectors
free for other stuff and puts the Vinum label in sector 8.
Unfortunately, this isn't compatible with bootstraps, which use
sectors 1 to 16. The result is that if you put a Vinum drive exactly
at the beginning of a bootable disk, you will overwrite the bootstrap.
Thus the recommendation to put the drive at offset 16, so that nothing
will get clobbered. This means that the first subdisk in the drive
will be at offset 281 from the beginning of the disk. The offset of
the first subdisk in the drive remains the same at 265. That's what
you have on your system:

b: 4194023 281 swap
h: 398283401 16 vinum

If you're having "reboots" (I suppose you mean panics or spontaneous resets), it's almost certainly not because of the disk layout. Follow the instructions and we can probably find out what it is. Note that Vinum seems to be tickling bugs in -CURRENT ata code at the moment.

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