I have a radeon 8500 , and I have DRI working. Can you paste a copy of your 
XF86Config  in, as well as the log? and dmesg while your at it. I moght be 
able to help.


> Hi again. I've got a few more questions, this time about ATI Mach64/Rage
> video support.
> Under Linux (until the 2.4.22 kernel's ServerWorks fix broke mtrr
> support on my machine), I was able to get xv and DRI support on my
> system (ATI 3D Rage IIc), over a number of versions of XF86 (previously
> with the gatos ati.2 drivers, but those are now part of the core XF86
> distribution).
> Under FreeBSD-5.1, using XFree86-Server-4.3.0_11 from the ports
> collection, I'm not getting either. I checked the XF86Config file, and
> everything's fine there.
> Looking at xfree86.0.log, the dri module and the ati module are both
> getting loaded, and there are no gross write-combining errors like I've
> seen recently in linux. But when I run (e.g.) glxgears, I get:
>   Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".
> Similarly, xvinfo finds X-Video extension 2.2, but finds no
> xv-compatible adaptors present. And I have no idea how to track down why
> this is happening. (For example, unlike linux 2.4.22, write-combining
> works under FreeBSD 5.1.)
> I'm having problems with xvidix, as well. In particular, when I try to
> use xvidix output from mplayer, it completely hangs my system. Under
> linux, xvidix works fine (other than spraying some visual noise over
> other windows if I don't run full-screen). I can't find much
> documentation on xvidix anywhere (just a single rambling file in the
> mplayer distribution, duplicated on the mplayer website).
> I'm also having svgalib problems. I can't get it to accept anything
> better than the 1024x768x64K setting. It recognizes a Mach 64/Rage card
> and loads the newer driver, just as in linux, but it rejects all higher
> modelines. In svgalib under linux (and in X in both OS's), I can use
> 1600x1200x64K (and even higher resolutions). I haven't dug into the code
> too deep yet.
> Also, once you've grabbed a new vt in svgalib, stdout and stderr both
> goes to that vt, so there's no way to log errors, etc. And once the
> program has completed and you've switched back to your original console
> (or X) there's no way to get back to the dead vt to see what was left
> there.
> Also, if an svgalib program locks up while it's got virtual console
> switching locked, there seems to be no way to recover other than to ssh
> into the machine from outside and kill [-9] the program. Usually, this
> works, although in one case, it apparently froze up the machine
> completely (no response from the keyboard--even the lock-leds went
> dead--or over the network), and I had to hard-reset.
> Most of that last question probably has nothing to do with svgalib, but
> with differences between linux's and BSD's vt's.... Under linux, I could
> forcibly switch vt's, kill everything running on the console, or even
> kill the vt (I might have to type blind for a few seconds, but I could
> get things fixed). If I ssh'd in, I could use chvt to bring up a usable
> console to fix things remotely. Does FreeBSD have equivalents to any of
> this functionality?
> Anyway, again, any help, or pointers to where to get help, would be
> appreciated.
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