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Chris Richards wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I have installed 2 packages which inturn installed a bunch of
dependencies... They are "imageindex-1.0.6" and "gallery-" I was
seeing which one I like best - now I have decided I want to keep gallery
and uninstall imageindex.

What is the cleanest way to do this? I have noticed that they both have
common dependencies so I can't just use the "pkg_delete -r" option - I
am sure this is a common problem and there is probably an easy way to
uninstall all dependencies for imageindex except for the ones that are
needed for gallery.

I think the '-r' option of 'pkg_delete' is not what you are looking for because it works the other way round. It additionally deletes packages that depend on the package you would like to deinstall. I understand what you would like to do is get rid of packages that the package to be deleted depends on, in order to tidy up after deciding on which of the two photo gallery packages to keep.

I don't know whether there is a more elegant method that would do this in one go, but what I would do is list the required packages with

pkg_info -r <packagename>

and feed the resulting list of required packages to

pkg_info -R <packagename> [<packagename> ...]

Pick those packages as additional candidates for removal that list only the package that you want to remove in the first place. Now do the whole process again for these additional packages and work your way down the dependency tree recursively. I recommend to make a sketch of the relevant parts of the tree on old-fashioned paper in order to not get confused. When you're done with that, delete the candidates top down with 'pkg_delete'.

If anyone else knows a more automated way, with the base system tools, that is, I would certainly be interested, too.

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