I just bought a cheap ATAPI/IDE DVD drive from best
buy. It's a Digital Research DRDVD1640. The box didn't
say it was missing anything and I checked the box and
there wasnt a IDE cable in there. It wasn't suppose to
be one cause it didn't come with one. So, I was like
thats fine for now I guess. So what I did was put the
DVD drive in and took the plugs from my cd-rom drive
and pluged them into my dvd. I don't know shit about
hardware so maybe I shouldn't have done this. Thats
why I'm here. The handbook says I should ln -sf
/dev/acd0c /dev/dvd and ln -sf /dev/racd0c /dev/rdvd.
Would this apply to me sence I didn't *actually* add
the drive I just unpluged one and pluged another in?
Some help would be appreciated. 

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