> DVD drive in and took the plugs from my cd-rom drive
> and pluged them into my dvd. I don't know shit about
> hardware so maybe I shouldn't have done this. Thats

As long as it's jumpered correctly, this should be fine

> why I'm here. The handbook says I should ln -sf
> /dev/acd0c /dev/dvd and ln -sf /dev/racd0c /dev/rdvd.
> Would this apply to me sence I didn't *actually* add
> the drive I just unpluged one and pluged another in?
> Some help would be appreciated.

I believe the purpose of this is that programs like mplayer expect /dev/dvd,
which of course doesn't exist in FreeBSD. I suppose that linking to the
acd[n] device is the easiest way to make things work without having to
remember which device is your DVD drive. You can also manually specify the
device in mplayer, but perhaps this is a hard-wired value in other programs.

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